Asociación cultural Casamúsica

The Cultural Association Casamúsica grew out of the coming together of people from different parts of world whose bond is the town of Villajoyosa and their love for music.

Our main objective is to create a new cultural space for Villajoyosa within our iconic old town, by promoting concerts, master classes and all kinds of events related to music, as well as supporting the young musicians of our town.

In our initial season we have prepared a series of concerts that take place once a month. We are thrilled to present great local artists as well as renowned performers from abroad.

Do come and enjoy our concerts and events, be it as a member of the association or as a music lover who is not (yet) a member.

For an annual fee of 30 euros members enjoy the following benefits:

  1. A guaranteed seat at each concert (please reserve your seat by email).
  2. A 35% discount on the ticket price at all concerts.
  3. Free access to masterclasses as a listener (please reserve your seat by email).
  4. Free attendance to auditions and student concerts.
  5. A free drink in the intervals of each concert programmed in the series.