Plaza de Los Luceros, Alicante

Your journey from Alicante Airport:

Airport bus to the centre of Alicante (Linea C6)

There is a bus every 20 minutes. It leaves at the very top and front, just outside the terminal building.

The journey costs 3.85, a multitrip card (tarjeta con diez viajes por favor) can be purchased from the driver, which brings the price down to €1.20, plus a one-off €2 for the rechargable card. Additional trips are purchased from the driver, the card can hold up to 20 trips. For more discounts click link below.

The trip into the centre of Alicante takes 15-30 minutes, depending on traffic.

Airport Bus Linea C6

Change from bus to tram

Plaza de Los Luceros, Bus Stop
Plaza de Los Luceros, Tram


Change at Plaza de los Luceros. It is the end of the line of the tram (but not of the bus).

Experienced and confident travellers:

On arrival, change at Vazquez de Mella. (The bus turns inland from the sea, press stop when it reaches a big roundabout where it turns left. You can see the tram tracks coming out from underground.) If you miss the stop, you can drive on until Plaza de los Luceros. One can change to the tram at the 3 stops Vazquez de Mella, Alfonso X El Sabio and Plaza de los Luceros. (see sketch)

Tram L1 direction Benidorm

The journey to Villajoyosa (or La Vila Joiosa in Valenciano) takes pretty exactly an hour. The trams depart half hourly. Tickets cost well below €5, and €1.40 with a multitrip card. One can purchase the card at the counter in the underground station - if it is open... Loading up an empty card or purchasing a normal ticket can be done inside the tram, at the ticket machine, but the card itself can only be bought at a ticket counter (tarjeta multiviaje hasta Creueta con diez viajes por favor). €2 extra for the card, we normally buy 10 trips to Creueta or Villajoyosa.
Using the card: Tap it against the readers (either at gates or in tram) as many times as you have people travelling on it. When leaving the tram only tap it if you can't otherwise get out, once per traveller.

Horario - updated website.
Here a less user friendly version of the timetable: Timetable Alicante-Benidorm and: Timetable Benidorm-Alicante. L1 (Linea 1) is our line!


At Plaza de los Luceros descend into tram station - it is an underground station.

Experienced and confident travellers:

If you change at Vazquez de Mella, the underground station is more or less on the other side of the road. The tram station here is called MARQ Castillo.

Walk from tram to house

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Shared taxi service from airport to Villajoyosa, book online. Link here: BeniConnect. The last tram leaves from Plaza de los Luceros at 22:10h. If you arrive late-ish, but do not want to pay for a taxi, this is your alternative. Fill in all the information, and under 'Accommodation Details, Shuttle Stop', choose Plaza de la Generalitat, this is closest to Casamúsica. It will set you back €16 per person. Transfer duration depends on how long you have to wait until all the booked guests for your service have arrived. Friendly and Spanish - reception speaks English.


A taxi costs about €60-70, transfer ca. 45 minutes.

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